Quick Guide to JADE CaseTrace

JADE Feature Guide – Using CaseTrace

In this example, we will search for Butcher v Lachlan Elder Realty 218 CLR 592. Try it for yourself in JADE. Simply type butcher lachlan. To save time, this is the link to Butcher in the High Court which will take you directly to CaseTrace:

View the new CaseTrace

At the top of the page, you immediately see that Butcher has been cited (at least) some 66 times and that there are citations to numerous paragraphs. Let’s zoom in:

What is even better is that if we scroll down to, say, paragraph [36] of the Judgment, we can see (at least) some of the later cases citing that paragraph, and the context of those citations:

Let’s take a closer look at some of the text in the right hand column:

Clicking on one of the citations in the right hand column, pops up the context of the citation (and also provides the catchwords and citation:

You can click through to the earlier case if it is of interest. And, at the end of the judgment we feature (many of) the cases which refer to the case, including ones which might not pin-point particular paragraph references. Here is a snipped of the cases at the bottom of Butcher:

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