Jade Newsletter – February 2010 – Introducing CaseTrace

Welcome to the February 2010 edition of JADE news.

This is a brief update on some enhancements to the JADE service and tips on using JADE to make your legal research easier and more effective.If you have been using JADE to date mainly as an email notification tool we hope you will take another look at JADE and try our latest enhancement – CaseTrace.

Introducing CaseTrace

CaseTrace is a powerful new tool in JADE which gives you links to later cases at the paragraph level. We think it may revolutionise the way you undertake legal research.

At a glance you can see the cases which have cited particular paragraphs of a decision, see the relevant judicial discussion of that point – and go directly to the later case.

Try CaseTrace for yourself in JADE or take a quick look at the short features guide posted to this site.

New features and Enhancements

We are also continuing to improve the things that people already love about using JADE:

  • Simple search system. With google-like ease of use, simply type what you are looking for and JADE retrieves it. Quickly. Simply type a few words and bingo.
  • More cases – there are now almost 100,000 judgments available and this number is growing quickly.
  • Faster – we have a shiny new server cluster to keep up with your searches and have made numerous enhancements to the system to make everything more responsive and exceptionally fast. Please try it.
  • Up-to-date alerts – JADE excels at up to date alerts of decisions from the majority of Australia’s Courts. You can customize the alerts to ensure that they are targeted to your precise practice areas. We can help you with this.
  • More users – we have almost 4000 subscribers from around Australia and hope to add double that number in the next few months. Tell your friends.

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