Meet the JADE Research Vault … it’s an advance

You may remember the days of paper. We do. We still have a lot of it and we use it every day. This is one of our research vaults. It’s where the JADE editorial team extracts meaning, sometimes with a pencil, always with love of the law. Yellow pads at the ready. The JADE Legal […]

Our Legal Research Desktop

  JADE Advance … we’re already there … transforming research It’s been a big week of advance here at the JADE Legal Research HQ. As always, the team has been experimenting with all kinds of new ideas to bring you the best possible legal research experience. In a world where everything old seems new again, […]

Lawcite and citation updates performance history

There are strengths and weaknesses of legal citators. One strength is that a citator can provide a researcher with pin-point updates when a later decision has made reference to a particular passage within an earlier legal decision. JADE’s CaseTrace provides that pin-point accuracy as well as general references made by later decisions. The references turbo-charge your […]

Litigation History as part of your Legal Research Routine

Litigation history is now part of JADE In the past two months, our editorial team has been matching decisions in JADE from first instance to special leave and beyond. Litigation history in JADE lets you locate the every decision in the litigation record. If it has been published, JADE will attempt to discover and link it, […]

Tracking litigation history requires modern research systems

Litigation history now featured in JADE The JADE editorial team is delighted to report the addition of two new pieces of equipment to help modernise our litigation history analysis. Litigation History now appears in JADE and allows you to discover (in most cases) the subsequent history of a case through to any special leave applications to […]