JADE Recent Australian High Court Cases (HCA)

Love v Commonwealth of Australia; Thoms v Commonwealth of Australia [2020] HCA 3 (11 February 2020) (Kiefel CJ, Bell, Gageler, Keane, Nettle, Gordon and Edelman JJ) Available in JADE Professional Layout. Citation Love v Commonwealth of Australia [2020] HCA 3 Catchwords Constitutional law (Cth) – Powers of Commonwealth Parliament – Power to make laws with […]

Recent Victorian Reports (VR)

The latest from the team Victorian Reports – Recently published (as at December 2019) Topics: Administrative law (4) Arbitration (1) Associations and clubs (1) Banks and banking (1) Building contracts (2) Carriers and carriage of goods (1) Companies (3) Costs (4) Courts (1) Criminal law (4) Equity (2) Evidence (2) Human rights (1) Interest (1) Legal practitioners (2) Negligence (1) Partnership and partners (1) Police (1) Practice and procedure (6) Stamp duty (1) Summary offences (1) […]

Legal Citation management in JADE

Introducing the JADE Kitten™ In the last decade, the legal research team has grown at JADE. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on our new legal research range finder. As our astute readers know, we only use quality analogue computing devices in our legal machine learning research. This helps us to understand computational complexity in […]

JADE Cases of Interest 03

JADE Australia cases of Interest for Legal Professionals Administrative law DYK16 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2018] FCAFC 222 Migration law – discretion to seek further evidence – legal unreasonableness  Federal Court of Australia. Full Court. Collier, Middleton and Rangiah JJ. 7 December 2018. 86 paragraphs. Circumstances where exercise of discretionary power is […]

JADE Cases of Interest 01

JADE Australasian cases of Interest for Legal Professionals Welcome to our first instalment of Australasian cases of interest for legal professionals. These eclectic decisions have been selected by our editorial team because we think that they contain interesting or important applications of principle. They are available on JADE. The summaries have been written by the […]

Victorian Reports (Volumes 50, 51, 52)

Here’s our table of contents for the Victorian Reports, with Links to the Cases:   Accident compensation Richter v Driscoll (2016) 51 VR 95 Ashley, Osborn and Kaye JJA – 17 Jun 2016 – 42 pages Accident compensation – ‘No current work capacity’ – ‘Current work capacity’ – ‘Suitable employment’ – Accident Compensation Act 1985 […]

JADE World (the world of law)

JADE World is our amazing blog and tweet aggregation service linked to the JADE legal research platform. The JADE team is delighted to launch the second beta release of: JADE.WORLD. We have collected blogs and tweets from selected websites and integrated them with content found in JADE. If you are looking for up-to-the-minute commentary, or to […]

Copying Case Citations in JADE

You know the drill: you have found the winning citation and all you need to do is to get it into your submissions. That’s the bit that takes the longest time; typing checking and typing agin. There is now a much easier way, using JADE® technology. Following many user requests, the JADE legal research platform […]

Conversational legal research

Introducing JADE Chat-and-Know™ Over the past year, our legal research boffins have been working to make your legal research faster, better, and more enjoyable. We could think of few better ways than mobilising our massive database of legal knowledge and making it available at your (voice) command. With JADE professional’s emerging Chat-and-Know™ technology, we are […]