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JADE Panels

JADE Panels as at 23 May 2010

New Panels

Following our announcement last week, we have added (or are in the process of adding) a number of new panels. This include:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Conveyancing Law
  • Equity
  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunity
  • Immigration and Refugee Law
  • Liquor and Gaming Law
  • Racing Law
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Strata Title and Community Title Law
  • Tenancy Law

We are also gathering interest to conduct seminars on the following important subjects: Electronic Discovery, the Future of the Australian Legal Profession Leadership Forum, and a workshop on the use of technology in disputing (which will bring together technologists and lawyers).

Are you interested?

If you are interested in participating in the work of a panel, please let us know. Simply visit JADE.

Bear in mind that the panels are intended to be sufficiently broad to have at least something to look at on a fairly frequent basis. However, it’s really easy for us to include a new panel, so if you think that you can find four other colleagues, and you can persuade us that others will be interested as well please let us know.

We have some exciting additional things planned with special panel types. There are three kinds of panels: Subject Panels, Judgment Panels (which consider all cases emerging from a particular Court or Tribunal), and Consultative Panels.

The full starting list

Here is our current list for JADE‘s 53 ‘starter’ panels:

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We’re adding JADE panels

Introducing Panels

Our aim is to make JADE the best legal research platform in the world. We are big supporters of open access to legal information. We salute Australian Courts and Tribunals and the pioneering work of AustLII.

We have now launched panels. This post will tell you how we hope panels will work and why we think they will become an important part of certain kinds of legal research.

If you applied to be on a panel, you will shortly receive an email from the JADE subscription system asking for confirmation.

As a member of a JADE  expert panel, you will be contributing to the development of JADE and to the enhancement of online information for legal professionals.

What will panellists do?

Panellists provide professional insight into significant cases and legal developments relating to the subject matter of that panel. Think of it as an ‘early alert service’ selected by subject experts for the wider professional legal community. The input of the panels will further assist in JADE’s remarkable ability to locate relevant recent decisions.

Initially, the JADE Panels will simply review and rank selected cases according to their importance for the Panel’s area of expertise. This will then quite quickly grow into a system which also allows the Panel to publish commentary about cases of particular significance to practitioners.

You may be a member of more than one panel. Panel representation is Australia-wide, just like JADE.

The initial panels

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