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CaseTrace further updated

CaseTrace at a glance — an exciting new JADE research feature

CaseTrace is one in a number of new JADE features we are introducing in time for JADE’s second birthday on 15 April 2010.

In this post, we give you a brief glance at CaseTrace using a recent decision of the High Court of Australia, IceTV.

How CaseTrace Works

CaseTrace works looking forward in time, so you will get best results by looking within cases which have not just been delivered. You will be able to find those cases by tracking forward in time. To experiment, try a decision of the High Court, say, published in 2001 or thereabouts.

Case Trace updates immediately, as soon as BarNet’s JADE processing system (called Gertrude) reviews decisions which have just been delivered. Gertrude is checking all of the time. In the case of the High Court, we are checking every few minutes.

Because Gertrude never sleeps, this means that what you see when you follow along with this post is likely to be different if a judgment has cited the IceTV case.

Also, bear in mind that some decisions are not made available electronically immediately. Sometimes it can take months, or even years, before a Court releases a decision online. There are various reasons for this delay. We won’t bore you with them here.

Let’s get started

Using JADE’s Google-like search system, simply type the words icetv hca in as shown, and press enter (or return if you have a Macintosh).


Let’s search for the IceTV case in the High Court of Australia

Here is the first entry returned for our search


To jump directly, put this in your browser: Otherwise, click on the title of the case.

Click on the title of the case


On the right hand side you will see JADE’s CaseTrace facility

This is the place where you can see how frequently this decision has been cited subsequently.

Zooming in, you will see that particular paragraphs which have been subsequently cited are referenced. We have some plans to make this table even more useful. But you will have to stay tuned for that.
Let’s click on paragraph [33].

The browser jumps to paragraph [33]


You may have to scroll down to see all of the citations or press the plus sign (+) to open the citations.

Pressing the + symbol opens up the citations to that particular paragraph.

Let’s zoom in

And let’s click the first item.

Up pops the full reference to [2010] FCA 44.


Clicking on [more] expands the catchwords.

Let’s click on that case to jump to it within JADE.


Here are the catchwords. Clicking on the title of the case, takes you to Justice Gordon’s reasons for decision.

Here is the case.


Lets return to IceTV by pressing the back button.

Let’s look at the view full report feature.


Here’s the CaseTrace Box for IceTV on the right of the page. Click on view full report.

Full Report view lists cases where the decision may not provide a citation to the particular paragraph number.


This takes you to the bottom of the Judgement, where all detected decisions are listed.

Let’s select one to show what is available.


Let’s zoom in to the citations section.

We click on the number


Clicking on a citation reference, causes a pop up to show …

Here is the context.


Which gives the context in which the case is cited.

Enjoy. And give us any feedback. You are able to provide feedback from within JADE.

JADE Updated to Version

JADE has been updated to version This is our next generation version. It should really be called 3.2.1, but we are reserving that for even more excitement!

JADE is almost a complete re-write of the JADE system to make it easier to complete our roadmap in record time. We have also placed the core component of JADE into an open source repository. JADE is part of BarNet’s OpenLaw initiative. BarNet has always supported open source development.

As a dedicated JADE user, you will notice significant additional speed improvements which will make your legal research even faster.

Our set of features is becoming more complete. Our next release, which should be towards the middle of next week will add additional user-requested features.

As part of this release, we have overhauled our Quality Assurance processes to make each release a little more stable and consistent. Also, we have added a considerable amount of help documentation.

Something missing? Do you have a suggestion. We would love to hear. Simply send us an email to:

The Latest Cases from the High Court of Australia

As soon as they are released, BarNet’s JADE has the more recent judgments of the High Court of Australia (in medium neutral citation, the High Court of Australia is referred to as: HCA) available for your consideration.

If you subscribe to JADE’s free email alerts service, then you can have these decisions delivered to your inbox within minutes; or as part of a daily digest, if you prefer.

You can check for the latest High Court of Australia decisions on the JADE home page:

For example, here is the most recent screen:

JADE reaches more than 100,000 Judgments

It is a momentous moment. A dream for every aggregator of content: JADE has just reached its 100,000th Judgment. In fact we instantly exceeded that: we are now at 101,309 decisions. Just three days ago we were at 92,561 decisions.

Why the sudden increase?

Now that we are delighted with the reliability of CaseTrace, we have been ‘backfilling’ cases. We started with the Victorian Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal of the Victorian Supreme Court, next we loaded the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and the Supreme Court of New South Wales. We now have decisions back to 1998.

That explains the 9% increase over the weekend!

Expanded pin point coverage

With our new CaseTrace system, we have expanded coverage to Victorian Courts. We are working on enhancing coverage of Queensland Courts, and, after that Western Australian Courts.

Before we commenced phase II of project ‘back fill’:

After backfill:

And we have more growth planned! Both in Australia and abroad. Stay tuned!

JADE Updated to Version

Updates aplenty

Hot on the heels of build 38, comes build 45.

This is mostly a maintenance release. However, the new features have been made available to you:

  • ADDED: Enhanced coverage for Victorian Courts in CaseTrace using new Jade 3.2 code base.
  • ADDED: Enhanced presentation of links to cited paragraphs in CaseTrace.
  • ADDED: New methods of handling the structure of decisions, with a view to new features in CaseTrace.
  • FIXED: metadata and invalid decision dates are now better handled.
  • IMPROVED: The CaseTrace overlays now provide better indications of cited paragraphs. That is, incoming citations to particular paragraphs.
  • BUG FIXES: JAD-1706 JAD-1769 JAD-1839 JAD-1767.