JADE reaches more than 100,000 Judgments

It is a momentous moment. A dream for every aggregator of content: JADE has just reached its 100,000th Judgment. In fact we instantly exceeded that: we are now at 101,309 decisions. Just three days ago we were at 92,561 decisions.

Why the sudden increase?

Now that we are delighted with the reliability of CaseTrace, we have been ‘backfilling’ cases. We started with the Victorian Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal of the Victorian Supreme Court, next we loaded the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and the Supreme Court of New South Wales. We now have decisions back to 1998.

That explains the 9% increase over the weekend!

Expanded pin point coverage

With our new CaseTrace system, we have expanded coverage to Victorian Courts. We are working on enhancing coverage of Queensland Courts, and, after that Western Australian Courts.

Before we commenced phase II of project ‘back fill’:

After backfill:

And we have more growth planned! Both in Australia and abroad. Stay tuned!

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