JADE Updated to Version

JADE has been updated to version This is our next generation version. It should really be called 3.2.1, but we are reserving that for even more excitement!

JADE is almost a complete re-write of the JADE system to make it easier to complete our roadmap in record time. We have also placed the core component of JADE into an open source repository. JADE is part of BarNet’s OpenLaw initiative. BarNet has always supported open source development.

As a dedicated JADE user, you will notice significant additional speed improvements which will make your legal research even faster.

Our set of features is becoming more complete. Our next release, which should be towards the middle of next week will add additional user-requested features.

As part of this release, we have overhauled our Quality Assurance processes to make each release a little more stable and consistent. Also, we have added a considerable amount of help documentation.

Something missing? Do you have a suggestion. We would love to hear. Simply send us an email to: jade@barnet.com.au.

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