Tracking litigation history requires modern research systems

Litigation history now featured in JADE

The JADE editorial team is delighted to report the addition of two new pieces of equipment to help modernise our litigation history analysis. Litigation History now appears in JADE and allows you to discover (in most cases) the subsequent history of a case through to any special leave applications to the High Court of Australia and their disposition. This is so even where the parties have changed their names.

The Lexis-Extractor-2000 Editorial Desk

Using the The JADE team is always on the look out for the latest technology. The editorial research tool of choice is the Lexis-Extractor 2000. You’d be surprised, but this all in one desk reflects many years of research. It is the most modern editorial suite.

Using the power of the Lexis-Extractor, our JADE editors can find and classify 15 case references per minute. The buttons on the left-hand-side allow our editors to select cases of relevance for our panels and classify by topic. The telephone allows our duty editor to phone ahead important updates. The Lexis-Extractor produces a slurry of words which are colour coded and pumped into our Think Tank.

Lexis-Extractor 2000

The Lexis-Extractor 2000 Nexus Editorial Desk. Photo source:

The Digital Think Tank Legal History Compressor

Once the Lexis-Extractor has done its magic, the Digital Think Tank Legal History Compressor takes over. We pump the stream of words into a high pressure concept cooker and links form between cases of interest. It is from these links that we create our famous visualisations. JADE Professional users can see the benefits of this amazing equipment.

Our trained JADE editor is adjusting the pressure and rearranging concepts to extract the greatest possible meaning.


Digital Think Tank History Compressor. Photo source:

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