JADE Updated to Version

JADE has been updated to version This version includes a number of exciting new features and enhanced performance:

  • Feature: CaseTrace. Provides pin-point accuracy for links to later citing decisions. Now supports paragraph ranges in citations. Automatically.
  • Improvement: Printing. Now it works and looks reasonably nice. We have more planned for this.
  • Improvement: Fonts are now easier to read, and you can select your own. We have Georgia on our mind. Do you?
  • Improvement: Table of contents of a decision (we call it the toc), where that decision has a ‘structure’ or a JADE editor has provided one.
  • Improvement: Link parsers (the magic which delivers case trace and all of the alerts) now cover an increasing number of jurisdictions and periods.
  • Improvement: Citation matching is even more sophisticated. We have a little way to go still, but it’s already rocking.
  • Bug Fix: Font issues fixed and fixes to CSS (which makes the site look nice(r)).
  • Bug Fix: Simplification and beautification of interface, with more consistency.

These changes are hot on the heels of new features we have introduced, which include (ignoring the enormous amount of programming and testing enhancements we have made):

  • Better printing. We have a way to go. But the printing now works!
  • Keyboard-based navigation. No need to use a mouse.
  • MAJOR SPEED upgrade. Upgrades to our infrastructure and our programming techniques leading to speed improvements of many orders of magnitude.
  • Extra metadata behind the scenes. You will see this in alerts and in our forthcoming features.
  • Preparation for an easy-to-use Panel interface.
  • ‘Backfill’ and reprocessing of earlier cases to take advantage of the brand new features in our parsing system.
  • Introduction of JADE Tracks.
  • Fixes for various recalcitrant browsers. Now all browsers look pretty good. However, our primary browser development is in Firefox.

Something missing? Do you have a suggestion. We would love to hear. Simply send us an email to: jade@barnet.com.au.

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