Commemorating the Magna Carta — Textual Interpretation — Collecting our heritage on JADE

The influence of the Magna Carta can be seen in everything we do in the practise of law, including the importance of legal research and how we use precedent as the principled and consistent application of law in our democratic society.

The Magna Carta illustrates the importance of the written text in our society and how that text can be taken many centuries later and linked to a document which came to represent our modern concept of liberty — the Bill of Rights. Our expectation (and training) is that the law is a textual tradition. Written and preserved for future generations.

In our digital age, we run the risk of losing sight of many important pre-digital texts and overlooking their importance. We run the risk of muting and thereafter forgetting the voice of earlier scholarship.

The JADE team wants to use the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta to encourage preservation of legal scholarship and its wide availability. Please join us by nominating your most important works of legal scholarship since Magna Carta. You may nominate as many works as you like. We will then publish the list and produce a list of the top 800 titles.

Send your suggestions by visiting: or by sending an email to

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