Jademarks work as a powerful combination of bookmark, annotation tool and cross-referencing system. Like conventional browser “bookmarks” or “favorites”, they can be used to take you back to online material. Jademarks can be used to refind information from any online computer as they are not stored on your computer. You can also annotate and organise cases found in Jade, by adding tags, highlights and notes to the online report in Jade. The Jade Library provides a convenient searchable catalogue of your Jademarked items and can be found in the Jade Library under the My Jade tab. Only logged in registered users can create Jademarks or use the Jade Library.

Creating a Jademark

There are two different types of JadeMarks. There is the general Jademark which acts as a bookmark which is not specific to any section of the case. There are also Jademarks which bookmark specific sections of a case or legilslation.

To create a general Jademark:
1. Search for a case or legislation
2. Click “Add Tag”
3. A Jademark “sticky note” will appear in the right hand margin, prefilled with your initials, the date and “Private” in the heading bar.
4. This Jademark is not specific to any section of the case

Creating a Jademark for specific text

1. Highlight the text that you wish to Jademark
2. Select “Add Jademark” from the list that will appear to the right of the highlighted text.
3. A floating Jademark box will appear.
4. This Jademark is bookmarked specifically against the highlighted text.

Deleting a Jademark

1. Simply select the delete button to delete the Jademark
2. Click “OK” to confirm that you want to delete this Jademark
3. You cannot delete Jademarks made by other users, or Jademarks with comments, unless all comments are removed first.

Annotating your Jademark

1. Select “Click here to annotate”
2. To add additional commentary, select “Add Comment”
3. To save your annotation or comment, simply click outside the box.

Applying tags to your Jademark

The Tag feature allows you to create keywords or phrases to categorise your cases.

1. To add tags, simply start typing in the textbox beneath the “Tags” heading.
2. This will allow you to create a new tag, or select from tags you have already created.

Changing the colour of your Jademark

1. You can change the highlight colour to differentiate between different types of notes, or simply to change the colour scheme.
2. Select a colour from the palette and then select “OK”

Sharing your Jademark with other users

The default sharing status is “Private.” If you add a comment or reply to an existing Jademark, the comments and replies will have the same status as the original Jademark.

1. To change the sharing status, click on the “Share” button.
2. A drop-down list will appear.
3. To make your Jademark public, select [Public] from the drop-down list
4. To share with a group (you will only see group if you are a member of a group), select a group from the list.

Retrieving your Jademarks

For professional users, recent Jademarks will appear on your Professional – Overview page.
1. Click on the “My Jade” tab and scroll down to “Jademarks”

Retrieving Jademarks in MyJade

1. Select the “MyJade” tab
2. Select “Jademarks and uploads” from the left margin.
3. Search for your Jademarks in your personal JADE library.

Searching in your JADE library

Your JADEMarks will appear. You can restrict what JADEMarks appear by selecting “edit this search”

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