Phrase in context machine learning

The JADE team is delighted to announce the next generation in its highly-praised search system. Code-named Zora, our new system is being progressively released to JADE professional subscribers.

We are using new methods and new equipment to bring this system to life. There are three key parts to Zora:

  • the combobulator transduction gateway™;
  • the ambiguity containment cortex™; and
  • the phrase extraction tanks™

Here are a few photos as the team was working on the prototype:

Combobulator transduction gateway™

Legal search systems often overlook that meaning is in the eye of the beholder, and that one legal researcher’s meaning may be another’s confusion. Using our state-of-the-art combobulator transduction gateway™, we have been able to extract personalised research results to minimise search frustration.

As the following photo illustrates, the assembly of this capability takes a talented hands-on engineering team.


This device can process more than 200,000 meanings a second.
It’s tricky work to tune the JADE Combobulator.

Ambiguity containment cortex™

Our team’s motto is the “ambiguity is the enemy of progress”. When our users search for contract, they want agreement and not reduce in size. After years of research, it turns out we were approaching the problem of legal search in the wrong way. We needed to look at the space between words, rather than the words themselves. We needed to consider proximity searching in a new way.

Built into the core of JADE, the ambiguity containment cortex is deceptively small. Holding only the spaces between words, we saved on storage. Although legal ambiguity is widespread, most of this results from the use large words with few spaces.

Once we were able to scale down the size of the container, our next  challenge was to make the structure sturdy enough to restrain outbursts of non-sequiturs polluting an otherwise accurate search. The following photo shows our team precisely adjusting the containment panels:


Phrase extraction tanks

These amazing tanks hold all of the known legal phrases in a suspension from which meaning can be extracted through the use of solar energy and fresh air.


They require large blower fans to push the air to release the meaning:


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