JADE Case Study

Legal Research Case Study

Please take a moment to look at our case study to see some of the power of JADE for your daily legal research.

European Bank Ltd v Robb Evans of Robb Evans & Associates, 10 March 2010 [2010] HCA 6.

To find this case yourself, simply type “robb evans” in the JADE search bar at: http://jade.barnet.com.au.

The case dealt with issues in relation to the assessment of damages and the effect of the usual undertaking as to damages. It has now been reported, and subsequent cases in JADE have referred to those reports. CaseTrace now gives you these alternate citations. (This matching is still a work in progress.) You see the CaseTrace summary on the top right hand side of each decision within JADE. Here’s an exmple from Robb Evans:

CaseTrace is so powerful because it links to the case at the cited paragraph level. Choose Paragraphs [11-13] and this is what you will see (we have shrunk it in this email to save space):

Zooming in on Paragraph [11] on the right hand side you see the context of the citation of the particular paragraph :

If the citation from the NSW Court of Appeal seems relevant you can simply click on that citation to open the complete text of the citing paragraph.

Click on the case name and you will be taken directly to that case.

We also include links to cases which are not necessarily in the JADE corpus. Take Hadley v Baxendale which is also referred to in paragraph [11]. Clicking on the link, shows you this:

Clicking on Hadley v Baxendale or the “view the citations” shows you the most recent cases citing the decision:

At the bottom of the case, you will see a summary of all citations to the case, as well as any statutory references. This is the first bit of the full report:

And you can view all of the later citations to the case collected in the one place (“View this article in the JADE Citator”. Try this by clicking here.

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