Jade updated to version

JADE updated to include refinements

We are working towards some very significant additional features. These will be available in then next release. We have been concentrating on getting all of the bugs ironed out following our work on moving the JADE development platform.

The response to CaseTrace has been very encouraging. Remember, if you have any suggestions for new features or improvements to existing ones, we’d love to hear about them. Simply send us an email to jade@barnet.com.au or click on the feedback tab within JADE.

This release contains custom search, notifications and tips, and further streamlining ‘under the hood’, particularly to the usability of CaseTrace.

If you use Internet Explorer (IE7 or IE8), we strongly suggest that you use the Chrome plug-in. This will make JADE work a whole lot faster with Internet Explorer. You will be told if you need to use it. And it will be downloaded for you. You only need to download it once.

Custom search

We have released a very early version of custom search. We’ve buried it in the interface until we get it just right. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a lot easier to use than it presently appears.

You are better to use our google-like search facility at the top of each page within JADE, unless you need something more directed.

Our HELP system will assist you to locate custom search if you need it.

Please give us some feedback and tell us how you would like it to appear.

Notifications and Tips

We now offer enhancement and chance notifications. We also offer suggestions (sometimes called Tips).


  • IMPROVED: The CaseTrace overlays now provide better indications of cited paragraphs. That is, incoming citations to particular paragraphs
  • IMPROVED: JADE CaseTrace Report features additional paragraph pop-ups.
  • NEW: Shading within a case report gives a hint with pop-up cited case information.

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