Uploading Your Content

Uploading documents. JADE Professional allows you to confidentially upload your own content onto JADE. Your content might include a piece of research, an advice, submissions or even your opponents submissions. Once uploaded your content will appear like any other content on JADE, cases will be linked, a citation report will be generated, visualisations will be drawn – JADE will even tell you if you have made a citation error.

How do I upload my document?

To find the place where JADE will accept your uploads:
1.Select the “My Jade” tab
2. Select “Upload a document”

Locate your document from your hard drive

To get your document onto JADE:
1. Select “choose file”
2. Choose your file from your hardrive
3. “Submit” and standby – JADE will take about a few seconds to sprinkle some magic onto your document

Locate your document on JADE

Once JADE has finished spreading magic dust your document will appear as a green hyperlink on recent uploads – Click on it to see all of your cases linked back into the JADE brain.

Start exploring – Visualisations

Now your content is on JADE you can generate visualisations of your document to see how your citations relate to each other.

Start exploring – Citation Report

Now your content is on JADE you can see your full citation report by selecting the option from the CaseTrace box or by scrolling to the bottom of the document.

Find your citation errors

Scroll to the bottom of your document – right to the bottom of the citation report to see if you have made a citation error. If JADE has a recommendation for the correct citation it will let you know.

You can also email your document to JADE

Your JADE account comes with a unique email address. If you send a document to the email address it will arrive in JADE once the magic has been applied. To find out what your JADE email address is:
1) Go to the “My Jade” Tab
2) Select Account Information

Get alerted when your documents are cited – Email

If you have an upcoming appeal and you want to make sure your submissions remain current, upload them and then select “alert me when these authorities are cited” from the email that JADE sends you – Or you can set the alert from within JADE from the citation report of your document.

Set Alert from the Citation Report

You can also do this from within your document by scrolling to your citation report and selecting “Alert: list of authorities”

FAQ’s – How do I delete my content from JADE

Navigate to the top of your document and select “remove this article from JADE”

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