JADE currently has Commonwealth, New South Wales and some Queensland legislation – we are taking care as we build our collection to ensure quality. The legislation collection in JADE is fully integrated with the case law collection, so you can see what section of an Act has been cited by which case. Brilliant! JADE makes searching legislation a breeze.

Searching for legislation

Start your search using the general search bar.

Finding Citations of Legislation in the Sideline

To see what cases have cited a specific section of the Act:
1. Look to the right hand side of the screen
2. Select the relevant tab and a list of citations will appear in the Sideline.

Sideline Options

Sideline gives you the option to
1) Restrict citations to Appellate cases only.
2) Set an Alert so everytime the section is cited by a Court JADE will send you an email
3) Visualise the section using JADE’s Precedent Tracker feature.
4) View how the section has been cited by Cases.

Finding citations of legislation from the search bar

Search for a section of the Act – Be sure to follow the format “s ## of the —–” and then click when the section you want appears – you will see the section pop up

The magic green arrow

To view citations, select the green arrow. This will take you to a list of cases which refer to the section of the Act.

You are now in Citator View

You can further refine your citator results by jurisdiction and date once you select “show all filters”

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