What is JADE ?

JADE (Judgments And Decisions Enhanced) is a legal research platform accessible through the world wide web. It contains a database of over 200,000 full text documents (cases and legislation from around Australia). All of this content is made available free to the public. Click here [insert link] for more information about JADE’s coverage. JADE is much more than a repository of legal information. It does some truly magic things with this database..

Since it’s inception in 2007 JADE has developed with demands of modern practice in mind. Most of the magic in JADE comes from ideas from those who think that legal research can be done better.

This help site is designed to help you unlock the magic of JADE.

If you have any ideas or feedback please email us [insert link], or even do that old fashioned thing and call us, a real human will answer and would love to hear from you. Our number is 02 8815 9081.

JADE is run by BarNet. BarNet is a not-for-profit entity based in Sydney. To find out more about BarNet click here [insert link].

That is all you need to know about JADE for the moment. You have probably already done some clicking around and have had you curiosity piqued. What you can’t figure out should be below. If we have missed something, please let us know.

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