CaseTrace at a glance — an exciting new JADE research feature


Let’s search for the IceTV case in the High Court of Australia

Here is the first entry returned for our search


To jump directly, put this in your browser: Otherwise, click on the title of the case.

On the right hand side you will see JADE’s CaseTrace facility


Let’s click on paragraph [33].

The browser jumps to paragraph [33]


You may have to scroll down to see all of the citations or press the plus sign (+) to open the citations.


Let’s zoom in


And let’s click the first item.

Up pops the full reference to [2010] FCA 44.


Clicking on [more] expands the catchwords.

Let’s click on that case to jump to it within JADE.


Here are the catchwords. Clicking on the title of the case, takes you to Justice Gordon’s reasons for decision.

Here is the case.


Lets return to IceTV by pressing the back button.

Let’s look at the view full report feature.


Here’s the CaseTrace Box for IceTV on the right of the page. Click on view full report.

Full Report view lists cases where the decision may not provide a citation to the particular paragraph number.


This takes you to the bottom of the Judgement, where all detected decisions are listed.

Let’s select one to show what is available.


Let’s zoom in to the citations section.

We click on the number


Clicking on a citation reference, causes a pop up to show …

Here is the context.


Which gives the context in which the case is cited.

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