Where the JADE Magic Happens — The JADE Tin Shed

Data centres are so last century. We use great Australian technology: the Tin Shed. Air cooled with excellent valley views.

Here’s where our hard working JADE team spends time making magic:

Where the JADE magic happens

When not in the JTS, our team can be found hiking or swimming in the nearby lagoon. The lagoon is a perfect temperature to cool our amazing Australian legal research computing facility. As you would expect, we leave nothing to chance, our UPS is regularly tested and we have backup refreshments to keep our team focussed.

Our UPS system with backup refreshment in the background

The views from the office can get a little distracting.


There are no cubicles in our office. If staff want to use WiFi, we have long range access.

Lagoon or track, it’s their choice. Ideas can happen anywhere. That’s why our JADE team is always on the move.

Our legal research team needs the ocean too, that’s why we have added a Limestone Coast of South Australia cluster to our facilities. You will find more about that in our recent posting.

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