Our New JADE Computing Facilities

With the exponential growth of JADE professional, we have been looking for new sheds to boost our core JTS Computing Facility.

The Limestone Coast of South Australia is a perfect place for a data centre, it has a mild climate, stable political climate, and excellent connectivity thanks to the NBN.

JADE Centre for the Dynamic Analysis of Legal Texts

Because we need extra computing power, we have located the JADE professional analysis tools here:


The JADE Centre for the Dynamic Analysis of Legal Texts

The new JADE Centre for the Dynamic Analysis of Legal Texts is the result of years of planning. We located an appropriate shed close to some of the best fishing, swimming and centreboard sailing anywhere in the Southern Ocean. Because our team is rarely actually present at the centre, we found that the few slits in the roof provided them with abundant natural lighting. The gentle sea breezes flow into the back of the centre which is not visible in this photograph.

The dynamic analysis of legal texts available in JADE, should not be confused with the analysis of dynamic legal texts, which is what JADE provides through our amazing CaseTrace pin-point system.

JADE Warehouse for Good Ideas

With so many fantastic suggestions coming from our users for the improvement and enhancement of JADE, we have been looking for somewhere secure to store them and make sure that they are available to our development team. Like you, our team prefers to work with paper.

With this in mind, we located our new JADE Warehouse for Good Ideas in the same region, which makes it easier for our JADE legal research boffins to visit both locations whilst surfing at the nearby beach or sailing in our of our regular JADE regattas. In the next photograph, you will notice our three portable data centre units at the right hand of the secure entrance to the warehouse. This allows us to deploy JADE anywhere in the world to new jurisdictions by loading this technology onto one of the vessels in the harbour. More about this amazing JADE portability in coming posts.


The JADE Warehouse for Good Ideas (January 2013)

Sailing Regatta for Legal Research 2013

Our most recent sailing regatta for legal research was held on New Years’ Day 2013. Despite our editorial team being on vacation, and their legendary partying from the night before, we still managed a hearty turn out. Here are two photos from the event:




Fishing for JADE

Our team loves to get out after a day of complex legal analysis and go fishing for dinner. We only fish for sustainable species and we always keep to the bag limits. Here’s some of our team getting our communal dinner prepared:


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