JADE Promotional Video 3 – JADE Helps You Write A Musical

We are delighted to announce the release of our third JADE promotional video. In this episode, Crenshaw QC enlists the support of Perry to finance the cost of producing a musical that Crenshaw wrote.

Watch to see the pair in a musical adaption of the infamous Governor’s pig theft case from the early days of the colony.


Written & Directed by D’Arcy Foley-Dawson. Produced by Rachel Argall.


  • Mitchell Crenshaw QC – Francis Greenslade
  • Bob Perry – Jon Williams
  • Phoebe Lithgow – Lydia Sarks
Cinematography – Seamus Mullen
Production Designer – Ella Carey
Make-up Artist – Bernadette Nguyen
Sound Recordist – Jean-Marc Serret
Editor – Tim Kadwell
Music – Matt McGowen
Sound Designer – Tim Dwyer
Executive producers: Vivienne Rawlinson, James Mack, and Michael Green.

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