Making the most of your Legal Research using JADE – Searching

Search Bar


Search bar. If you can search in Google, you already know how to search in Jade. Just start typing. We do the rest. Press enter to perform a traditional search or select a case or topic. If you want a case and know a citation, just type that.

Visual Search


Visual Search. As part of our commitment to improving legal research, we are exploring better ways to locate materials relevant to your research. Our Professional users are able to see their searches displayed as diagrams. Seeing is believing.

Citator Search


Citator Search. Unique to Jade, you can search the paragraph, page or section level and find references and extracts even if the full text is not yet included Jade.

Operators Please


Operators please. If you prefer ‘old school’ searching use our boolean operators. Just place a ‘+’ in front of a term and Jade will return results with that term. For maximum control, try our advanced search. You can find the needle in the haystack. (We are only showing a tiny part of the advanced search in the extract above.)

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