View Videos to See the Power of JADE — JadeMarks and CaseTrace Explained

Seeing helps to understand the power of JADE as a professional legal research platform.  By popular request, we have released the first two videos which have been scripted, narrated, and assembled by a former member of our editorial team, James H el ler JadeMarks and CaseTrace. We have several more in production.


JadeMarks give you the ability to annotate judgments to keep track of decisions or legislation for easy retrieval and to help in your legal preparation. You can also share your JadeMarks with colleagues. James Hel ler shows you how you can use JadeMarks in JADE to improve your legal research.


CaseTrace in JADE gives you pinpoint accuracy and allows you to see the evolution of decisions. See James show you at a glance how CaseTrace is one of the very special features of JADE which makes JADE an excellent legal research tool for Australian and international lawyers and research.

If you have suggestions for additional videos or improvements to these videos, please email our editorial team. We’d love to hear from you. The suggestion about removing the piano music is being actioned.

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