Meet the JADE Research Vault … it’s an advance

You may remember the days of paper. We do. We still have a lot of it and we use it every day. This is one of our research vaults. It’s where the JADE editorial team extracts meaning, sometimes with a pencil, always with love of the law. Yellow pads at the ready. The JADE Legal […]

View Videos to See the Power of JADE — Search and Visualisations Explained

Seeing helps to understand the power of JADE as a professional legal research platform.  By popular request, we have released the second pair of videos which have been scripted, narrated, and assembled by our former editorial team member, James Hel ler: Search and Visualisations. We have several more in production. Visualisations Search

BarNet JADE at a glance (v3.9.7.110 Build 434.004) (6 February 2012)

This document describes the new and improved features of JADE ( as at February 2012. The JADE Home Page is kept up-to-date You will note that we have more than 151,000 decisions and legislation on line. New Search Bar (with added intelligence) Searching for Tabet v Gett is as easy as typing a few letters […]