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JADE updated — now with even better printing

JADE updated to include significant new legal research features, including Stars

As ever, we have been concentrating on behind the scenes changes, including improved parsing of judgments within the JADE professional legal research platform.

When you are logged in, you can give a star ranking to your favourite cases. This release contains stars, spell checking, enhanced notifications and tips, and further streamlining ‘under the hood’, particularly to the usability of CaseTrace.


We all have favourites. With JADE you can remember them. This will influence the searches you perform, and we will give you lots of enhanced features based upon your star rankings. You will have to watch the dressing room to see the stars which emerge.

If you can think of enhancements, please be sure to give us some feedback and tell us how you would like the stars to appear.


It can be tricky to get those case names right. JADE tries to help you with enhanced “did you mean” functionality.

Did you mean is not perfect. After all, JADE is designed for legal professionals. The internet is a pwoferul toole. Mispeling is badde.

Remember, that many decisions contain significant spelling errors. This means that if you spell something correctly, it does not find it!

For example, we were going to use the example of “Comonwealth” for “Commonwealth”, but that error appears in too many cases!

We are working on the wider problem of spelling and accuracy in a forthcoming release. You will be amazed with our ideas. We also hope that you will like them as much as CaseTrace and our JADE Marks.


  • IMPROVED: The CaseTrace overlays now provide better indications of cited paragraphs. That is, incoming citations to particular paragraphs. We were previously counting every occurrence. We now only count the number of cases.
  • IMPROVED: JADE CaseTrace Report features many more and more accurate paragraph pop-ups. Of course, we are not perfect and if you discover issues, just let us know with some feedback.
  • IMPROVED: Refined shading within a case report gives a hint with pop-up cited case information.

JADE Panels

JADE Panels as at 23 May 2010

New Panels

Following our announcement last week, we have added (or are in the process of adding) a number of new panels. This include:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Conveyancing Law
  • Equity
  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunity
  • Immigration and Refugee Law
  • Liquor and Gaming Law
  • Racing Law
  • Statutory Interpretation
  • Strata Title and Community Title Law
  • Tenancy Law

We are also gathering interest to conduct seminars on the following important subjects: Electronic Discovery, the Future of the Australian Legal Profession Leadership Forum, and a workshop on the use of technology in disputing (which will bring together technologists and lawyers).

Are you interested?

If you are interested in participating in the work of a panel, please let us know. Simply visit JADE.

Bear in mind that the panels are intended to be sufficiently broad to have at least something to look at on a fairly frequent basis. However, it’s really easy for us to include a new panel, so if you think that you can find four other colleagues, and you can persuade us that others will be interested as well please let us know.

We have some exciting additional things planned with special panel types. There are three kinds of panels: Subject Panels, Judgment Panels (which consider all cases emerging from a particular Court or Tribunal), and Consultative Panels.

The full starting list

Here is our current list for JADE‘s 53 ‘starter’ panels:

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