Announcing JADE Professional

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of BarNet JADE Professional, with the following great new features:

  • Automated analysis and visualisation tools.
  • A personal BriefCase facility which will allow you to confidentially store your material for use, including offline.
  • Legislation with dynamic case law annotations for each section.
  • Practice collections for selected topic areas with live links to case law and legislation.

JADE Professional is our next step in delivering legal research the way it can be done. Have no fear, JADE is and will always remain a free access service. The BarNet JADE Professional Brochure explains more. JADE professional will be released on about 30 November 2012 was released on 10 December 2012.

We are preparing this in our JTS computing facility.

View Videos to See the Power of JADE — Search and Visualisations Explained

Seeing helps to understand the power of JADE as a professional legal research platform.  By popular request, we have released the second pair of videos which have been scripted, narrated, and assembled by our former editorial team member, James Hel ler: Search and Visualisations. We have several more in production.



WIPO URDP Domain Name Disputes — ICANN — decisions now on JADE

We have added all of the decisions of pannellists from the WIPO URDP onto JADE for easier searching and retrieval.

Australian Legislation (Australian Acts and Australian Regulations) — Text on JADE

We are delighted to announce the second stage of our Australian legislation integration projecton the JADE legal research platform.


View Videos to See the Power of JADE — JadeMarks and CaseTrace Explained

Seeing helps to understand the power of JADE as a professional legal research platform.  By popular request, we have released the first two videos which have been scripted, narrated, and assembled by a former member of our editorial team, James H el ler JadeMarks and CaseTrace. We have several more in production.


JadeMarks give you the ability to annotate judgments to keep track of decisions or legislation for easy retrieval and to help in your legal preparation. You can also share your JadeMarks with colleagues. James Hel ler shows you how you can use JadeMarks in JADE to improve your legal research.


CaseTrace in JADE gives you pinpoint accuracy and allows you to see the evolution of decisions. See James show you at a glance how CaseTrace is one of the very special features of JADE which makes JADE an excellent legal research tool for Australian and international lawyers and research.

If you have suggestions for additional videos or improvements to these videos, please email our editorial team. We’d love to hear from you. The suggestion about removing the piano music is being actioned.

Introducing JADE Touch (our mobile research service for legal professionals)

Michael Green

The JADE development team is delighted to announce the arrival of our first public release of an iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry friendly mobile professional legal research app.

JADE Touch

We call it JADE Touch. Like the rest of JADE, it is so easy to use that you need to simply use JADE with your mobile device and we will present JADE using JADE Touch.

If you want to see what it looks like on your desktop, try this link:

We recognise that there are some rough edges. Please try it and tell us how we can improve it. You can comment on this post or email us to:

BarNet JADE allows you to search directly by law report citation

This brief post shows you how BarNet’s JADE legal research platform helps you to find cases by most citations

Here is a handy single graphic which explains how JADE helps you search for legal citations


Searching in JADE is now that easy

The JADE Go bar saves you time with your legal search

To search with JADE’s excellent go bar, you can type a few characters of the names of the parties. JADE then shows you the results which match. If you select a popular combination, you can still perform a JADE search by pressing the enter key.


You can even use Natural Language within JADE to save time

Using natural language within JADE, lets you search and display, cases with pinpoint accuracy, thanks to our CaseTrace service.

With this new feature you can:

  • Find references to specific pages, even when there is no medium neutral citation.
  • Instantly find what was said at a particular paragraph using Medium Neutral Citation format.
You can use plain english to perform your search. Here are two examples:

If you have suggestions, please let us know